Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is my all time favorite player! I love watching the Astros especially when Brad Ausmus is playing. Although he is not the starting catcher this season I still remain an committed Astros fan. I love going to Minute Maid Park and watching the game from the stands. My husband bought us tickets to go see the Astros on Brad Ausmus night which is August 29th. I can't wait! I will be taking my camera so I can get some pictures of Brad up close. Our seats are behind home plate. We will leave early so that I can get to Minute Maid Park early......maybe I can have my picture taken with Brad in my Ausmus Jersey. Hopefully he will sign it. Anyway, I will post all the details after the big game. By the way.....the Astros are doing much better now. I pray they can keep winning and playing one inning at a time.

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