Monday, August 11, 2008

Materialistic.......Mom is that me?

I received a phone call on my cell phone.....Mom, am I materialistic? Shocked....I asked, Who said you are materialistic?
Thinking about that question, I pondered, who isn't materialistic? Don't we all like certain things. My husband only wears Wrangler, I prefer Nike tennis shoes, D1 likes Hollister collared shirts. How many people do you know that only wears or wants certain brands. Weather it is brand name food, clothes, purses or cars we all have things we like more than the other. My question would be to the person that asked her that questions.....Aren't you materialistic as well? We should all think about what statements or acquisitions we make before we say them. When my husband and I got married his mother gave us one peace of advice that I wish we would have listened to more closely. Don't ever go to bed mad. And, Words are like feathers, once they have been scattered they can't be gathered. So, my answer to my D1.....yes we are all materialistic to some degree. Is that bad? Maybe or maybe not. God knows your heart....don't ever let anyone convince you of something you know not to be the truth.

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